Wednesday 27 August 2014

Important Information

As some of you will know, a very important printer/supplier went into administration last week. Over the past week I have been looking at options and unfortunately this has slowed down handovers/albums. I'm pleased to say 6x4 inch printing is returning to normal and 2 to 3 weeks timescales will recommence next week, for people caught in the disruption big print orders will be arriving at the end of this week and also early next week to clear all the back log.

Sadly after many attempts of re-sourcing alternatives for a lot of products aren't available and boudoir and portrait albums/products are going to be greatly effected. Slip in folios, mini albums and pocket books are going to be removed completely until a new supplier can be found which is going to be difficult. Although once new ranges have been found I'll reintroduce them.

Wedding albums: since Parkers was the sole UK distributor of many Italian albums and storybooks (all Mario Acerboni albums and storybooks) these are no longer available until another distributor comes along and have been removed from the website and studio display with immediate effect.

The good news is that the main studio storybooks are still going to be available through a separate supplier and the most popular album is going to be available from a separate supplier and additional print lab. I've asked another distributor to pick up as much stock as is available to try and meet pending orders and don't expect too many complications for existing clients.

Overall it's a mixed bag, every other year a big supplier goes bust but we always find other ranges and generally we improve the quality of product and expect this to be the same. The bad news is its caused an unforeseen delay on people's wedding photographs and albums, but the good news is wedding photography, services, products will return to normal next week. Whilst I appreciate a lot of people are unhappy at the delay it's unavoidable and not something I could have foreseen happening. Despite speaking to the company in question on a regular basis the first I knew of administration was via Facebook which I am very unhappy about simply because it affects my clients and I would have liked to be informed before Facebook. Rest assured however I'm doing my best and expect things to start returning to normal timescales at the end of this week/ the beginning of next week as other suppliers fill the gaps on the most popular products/printing.